From Wumbers

Illustrating a picture book is a labor of love, and once I'm done with the book, I'm
able to share the love with those who want an authentic piece of children's book
art without all those pesky words getting in the way.

Most of my art is done in traditional mediums:  colored pencil, watercolor, pastel, crayon, or a combination of the above.

Original illustrations and/or digital prints from most of my books are for sale, so if you have a favorite, contact me and I’ll let you know if it’s available.

From Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
From What Are YOU So Grumpy About?

From Cloudette

Some of the art shown on this page may no longer be available (people actually buy this stuff). I retain all publishing, reproduction, merchandising, online and film rights to my illustrations, so they cannot be reproduced without my permission. I'm talking to you, Pixar!