Holy Cow, I Sure Do Love You


Created in collaboration with Amy Krouse Rosenthal

The puns fly far afield in this silly, uplifting testament of affection. A perfect gift book for adults and a heartfelt picture book for children, it's just right for anyone who's moo-ved to express their love. "Moo-ooh baby, I sure do love you" is the opening line, narrated by a spotted cow drawn in simple, emotive brushstrokes. "I love you every which way . . . good moo-d, bad moo-d, weepy moo-d, weird moo-d," the cow continues in a string of bovine puns: "I also love pizza, but that's a moo-t point." Drawn primarily in black and white on brown craft paper, the illustrations are simple and appealing to all types of readers and all kinds of relationships. Check out the matching memoo books and thank you cards!

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