the OK book

Created in collaboration with Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Harper collins

32 Pages . All ages are ok for this book!

Take the word "OK," turn it 90-degrees clockwise, and -- presto! -- you've got the OK Kid! The OK Kid loves to try lots of different things. Even though he's not good at everything he tries, he has fun giving it all a go, because he knows that's how he'll find out what he's really good at.

I'm an OK pancake flipper.

I teamed up with best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal to create this simple but important book. It reminds kids that we can't all be great at everything, but we can all enjoy trying new things. Through a series of playful visual twists, kids will learn how to enjoy discovering their talents.

"A sweet reminder to engage in life just for the sake of it."

The New York Times

"A refreshing change of pace"

kirkus review

What are you OK at?
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